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Talking with other people is one of the best ways to learn something new about your own skills


Timeout is a new way to generate and have constructive discussions.

Timeout is a dialogue method for people from different backgrounds. It is as its best with a group of six to twenty five. Timeout is always a facilitated discussion. The facilitator will take care of the constructiveness of the discussion. Great support for the facilitator and the participants are the Ground rules for a constructive dialogue, made by Timeout.

  • You can use Timeout-dialogue whenever a deeper understanding of the topic or an equal encounter is required – for instance, as a part of preparations, decision-making or bringing different people together.
  • However, dialogue does not fit in all situations, and it should not be confused with negotiations or decision-making. Instead, use dialogue as part of the above when there is a need to better understand the topic or the field of operation.
  • Timeout offers an opportunity to pause and consider things in peace. The tools help you invite the ones who do not usually take part in conversations.Tools for the planning and implementation of a constructive discussion.

With the tools you can practice how to facilitate a dialogue with small steps. As your experience grows, you can become a dialogue expert! You do not have to understand everything at once. Get the hang of a few guiding measures first, and expand your knowledge one dialogue at a time. There is no reason to have cold feet, as anybody can learn. A Timeout discussion has been successful when an equal encounter and mutual trust have been created, and the participants’ understanding of the topic has grown.

Timeout breeds a feeling of inclusion between the participants and in societal inclusion in general. Moreover, it provides a deeper understanding of the topic in question and of different perspectives. At best, it generates unpredictable insights and new thinking. The goal is not unanimity.