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We all have various skills and when we recognise them, we can find uses for them!

Reveal Your Skills

We thank everyone who participated in this year’s Reveal Your Skills campaign week! Together with over 320 different actors we encouraged once again hundreds of thousands of Finns to discover and reveal their skills.  

Now it’s time to look into the future. SECLE will unfortunately not be able to coordinate a large-scale campaign week in the future, but a positive and encouraging outlook in the spirit of the Reveal Your Skills campaign will still be present in our activities and operations. 

We hope that the Reveal Your Skills thematics will live on also in 2024. We are currently investigating how the Reveal Your Skills theme could be present in the operations of different actors in the form of smaller and bigger actions also in the future. 

What is it about?

We are calling in different actors to build and spend the Reveal Your Skills week with us between the 2nd and the 8th of October 2023.

The goal of the Reveal Your Skills week is to help people and communities to identify and share their skills, as well as to open the topic up for public discussion. The strength of the Reveal Your Skills campaign is in making it happen together! That’s why we welcome various kinds of communities to act together with us.

SECLE acts as the convener of the campaign and organises informative events and introductory functions already well in advance of the week.

On these pages you will find ideas on how your work community or hobby group can participate in the campaign. Tips will also be shared at events and on social media – sign up for our events and start following us on social media!

 The hashtag on social media is #RevealYourSkills.

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Our key messages

  • Skills are accumulated in various environments: working life, daily life, hobbies, free time, family life, education, training, courses, and so on. Skills are valuable regardless of where they emerge!
  • We all have various skills and when we recognise them, we can find uses for them. Recognising skills is part of the general knowledge of the future.
  • Skills are valuable in themselves, and recognising them and making them visible is significant from the perspectives of engagement, agency, education, well-being and employment.

How can I participate?

All communities, companies, organisations, institutes, educational establishments, networks, and people who are interested in the topic are welcome to participate in the campaign week.

You or your community can go big or small in your participation, by doing for instance the following:

  • Highlight your own skills, or those of a colleague, a specific field of study, a profession, a work community, a hobby group, or another community!
  • Organise events or workgroups that are open for everyone, or more restricted in availability, such as for your own clients, members, staff, partners, and networks.
  • Provide tools and exercises for recognising skills.
  • Bring the topic up in your own channels of communication and on social media in the form of blog posts, articles, statements, tweets etc. Use the hashtag #RevealYourSkills.
  • Share content produced by others and participate in the public discussion.
  • Conduct Timeout Dialogues on recognition of skills.
  • What else can you come up with? Don’t be afraid to bring forward your own ideas and to talk about them far and wide through your own networks and your channels of communication!

We believe that you as the actors joining us have the best understanding and knowledge of how to help your own target groups in recognising and sharing their skills. You have a great opportunity to highlight the importance of the topic!

After registering for the campaign, the realiser communities will receive the Reveal Your Skills logo and other material to support their communication.

You will find answers to frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page. You can also contact us at


The purpose of the Reveal Your Skills campaign week is to promote the lifelong learning objective for Finland developed together by 30 key participants in Finnish society. According to the objective, it is important that individuals and communities can make their skills visible and make good use of their strengths.

The Reveal Your Skills campaign was organised for the first time in 2021. The host of the campaign weeks was then The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, and the campaign was planned in active co-operation with the Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres and the Sivis Study Centre. More than 350 different actors signed up.

SECLE was responsible for organising the Reveal Your Skills week for the first time in 2022. Over 300 different actors signed up promoting the joy of learning and skills through articles, videos, photo campaigns, events, discussion meetings and all kinds of buzz around the theme of skills and competence.

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