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Polkupyöräilijä sillalla. Taustalla näkyy toimistorakennus ja vesistö.

SECLE builds bridges between the needs of working life and the skills of employees

Welcome to The Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment's (SECLE) website! On this website you'll find basic information about SECLE.

SECLE increases the opportunities for the working-age population to develop competence required in working life both currently, as well as in the future. SECLE bridges the gap between the needs of the labour market and employees’ skills.

We gather and analyse anticipatory information, based on which we fund education that is currently required by the Finnish labour market. Competence and skilled labour are at the core of a welfare society. 

The website is in progress. More information in English coming soon!

Pinkki, vaalean punainen, keltainen ja sininen säästöpossu jonossa kulkemassa kohti kättä. Taustalla silmälasit, oranssi kahvikuppi ja kyniä.

SECLE finances organising competence services through procurements and discretionary government grants

Nainen katsoo kännykällä somea

SECLE student stories is our new social media campaign


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We thank all the 320 actors who celebrated the Reveal your skills week with us!

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