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Reveal Your Skills also in 2024!

Osaaminen näkyviin -kampanja 2024 kuvituskuva engtlanniksi

We thank everyone who participated in this year’s Reveal Your Skills campaign week! Together with over 320 different actors we encouraged once again hundreds of thousands of Finns to discover and reveal their skills.  

Now it’s time to look into the future. SECLE will unfortunately not be able to coordinate a large-scale campaign week in the future, but a positive and encouraging outlook in the spirit of the Reveal Your Skills campaign will still be present in our activities and operations.

We hope that the Reveal Your Skills thematics will live on also in 2024. We are currently investigating how the Reveal Your Skills theme could be present in the operations of different actors in the form of smaller and bigger actions also in the future. 

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Arola, Milma
Project Manager
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