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Hymyileviä ihmisiä katsoo paperia. Etualalla läpinäkyvä ilmoitustaulu, jossa on värikkäitä muistilappuja.

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On this page you can find information about our ongoing projects

Reveal Your Skills Campaign Week

We are calling in different actors to build and spend the Reveal Your Skills week with us between the 2nd and the 8th of October 2023.

The purpose of the Reveal Your Skills campaign week is to promote the lifelong learning objective for Finland developed together by 30 key participants in Finnish society. According to the objective, it is important that individuals and communities can make their skills visible and make good use of their strengths.

The Reveal Your Skills campaign was organised for the first time in 2021. The host of the campaign weeks was then The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, and the campaign was planned in active co-operation with the Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres and the Sivis Study Centre. More than 350 different actors signed up.

SECLE was responsible for organising the Reveal Your Skills week for the first time in 2022. Over 300 different actors signed up promoting the joy of learning and skills through articles, videos, photo campaigns, events, discussion meetings and all kinds of buzz around the theme of skills and competence.