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Abstraktissa kuvassa naissiluetti katsoo kohti tulevaisuuden vihreää kaupunkia.

We anticipate how jobs, skills and learning needs are changing in the future in Finland

Skills anticipation

The Service Centre for Continuous Learning and Employment anticipates future skills and training needs. We collect and analyze anticipating data and, based on this, finance training that is currently needed in the Finnish labor market.

We look at the anticipation of competence from the point of view of continuous learning.

The key questions for us are:

  • In which fields will the competence structure change most significantly in the near future?
  • What gaps can be identified between the skills needed in the near future and the current education offer?
  • What kind of continuous learning competence services are needed to respond to the competence and training needs of working-age people?

Contact us

Leveälahti, Samuli
Development Manager
(analysis of the anticipation of future skill and education needs, foresight & collaboration)